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Syed Mohammad Aquil Rizvi known in literary circle as Aquil Rizvi is an Urdu Critic and writer and author of several on varied topics in Urdu language. Born on October 10, 1928 (1930 as per educational record) he started his teaching career from Allahabad University as a Lecturer. He worked there from January 1953 to June 1991 and retired as a Professor and Head of Urdu Department of the same university.

He passed his B.A. exam in 1952 in first division and got first position in B.A. Urdu and broke all previous records. He secured 10th position in high school in U.P. India. He was awarded scholarship by U.P. government for securing 10th position. He studies in Evening Christian College, Allahabad and secured first division and 14th position in U.P., India.

He was awarded scholarship from U.P Government for his exceptional educational performance. He earned “Chintamani Ghosh” award for getting first position in B.A. Urdu and also got “Queen Empress Victoria Silver Medal’’ from Allahabad University on getting first position in MA and topping in all faculties.

Awarded on Books

  • Akber memorial Adabi Inaam” on “Urdu Masnoai ka Irtaiqa Shumali Hind per”  from U.P. Government in 1962.
  • Aadabi Award on Nai Alamat Nigari” from U.P. Urdu Academy in 1975.
  • Aadabi Award on “Tanqeed aur Asar-eAghahi” from Behar Urdu Academy in 1977.
  • Aadabi Award on “Samaji Tandeed aur Tanqedi Aamal” from Bungal Urdu Academy in 1979.
  • Aadabi Award on “Marseeyai ki Samjiyaat” from U.P. Urdu Academy in 1994.
  • Aadabi Award on “Jadeed Navel ka Fun” from U.P. Urdu Academy in 1998.
  • Aadabi Award on “Taraqi Pasand Tanqeed ki Tareekh” from U.P. Urdu Academy in 2010


      • Nai Fikrain in 1953
      • Intaighab-e-daagh in 1985
      • Mamaoi Zehar-Ishq (In Hindi) in 1960
      • Cake aur Sharab “ Maam’s Novel translation” in 1963
      • Masnoai ka Irtaiqa Shumali Hind per in 1965, 1983, 1990, 2010
      • Nai Elamat Nigari in 1974, 1975
      • Tanqeed aur Asar-eAghahi in 1976
      • Samaji Tandeed aur Tanqedi Aamal in 1980
      • Intaikhab-e-Afsana in 1984
      • London-o-London (Safarnama) in 1987
      • Intaikhab-e-Madina – Akhbar Bajanoor in 1988
      • Ghazal ki Nai Jehat in 1989
      • Aamali Intaiqadiat in 1990
      • Marseeyai ki Samjiyaat in 1993
      • Mukhtasir Tareekh-e-Adab Urdu (addition/modification in Dr. Aijaz Ahmed’s book) in 1984
      • Go-Dhool (Khud navisht Saqanah Hayat) in 1995
      • Jadeed Navel ka Fun in 1998
      • Sham Dhanak Rang (Sharee Majmooa) in 1999
      • Adeeb-o-Adab in 2002
      • Asool-e-Tanqeed and Raday-e-Amal in 2004
      • Tabeer-e-Khayal in 2006
      • Urdu Afsana ki Tareekh in 2006
      • Taraqqi Pasand Tanqeed ki Tanqeedi Tareekh in 2009
      • Waraq Tamam Howa (Tanqqedi Mazameen Ka Majmooaa) in 2010
      • Nazmain Parhtay hain (Namoon ka Tajziaati Mutaala)


  • “Imtiaz-e-Mir” from Mir 
  • Academy, Lucknow in 1982

  • “Nawa-e-Mir” from Mir 
  • Academy Lucknow in 1988
  • “Nishan-e-Sajjad Zaheer” 
  • from Delhi in 1993
  • “Makhdoom Award” from Hyderabad in 1995
  • “Ekta Saman” from Allahabad in 1996
  • “Iftikhar Mir” from Mir Academy, Lucknow in 1997
  • “Urdu Sahittya Bhooshan”, From Hindi Sahittya Summaylan
  • Allahabad in 1999
  • “Ghalib In’aam 2004” from Ghalib Institute Delhi,
  • “All India Bahadur Shah Zafar In’aam”
  • from Delhi Academy Delhi in 2007
  • “Adabi Khidmaat In’aam” 
  • from Urdu Academy, Lucknow, U.P., in 2010


Aadabi Academic



Mustasheer Member, Former 

Academy, New Delhi


Member of Review of Books, 

Government of India


Member, Istelahaat Committee, 

Taraqqi Urdu Board, New Delhi


Mustasheer Member

Government of India

for Encyclopedia of Literature


New Delhi


Member of “Sarbaraurda 

Universities of Academic 

Committees” of India



Progressive Writers Association


Member of Majlis-e- Salahkar, 

Aalami Anjuman Taraqqi Pasand




About 15 students achieved 

Research Degrees under his



  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Persian
  • French

 Seminars & Conference

Attended several seminars and conferences held in Delhi, Aligarh, Lucknow, Patna, Agra, Hyderabad, Kashmir, Kanpur,Bombay, Gaya (Behar), Calcutta, Madaras, Jaipur, Benares, Gorakhpur, Behraich, Jodhpur, Bekanair etc.

International Seminars

and Conferences


  • Attended & gave speeches in Golden Jubilee Conference, Progressive Writers Association held in London & Paris.
  • Presented Dissertation in Seminar on “Socialist Adab”, London in 1988
  • Presented Dissertation in Seminar on “Ehtesham Husain International”, Karachi, Pakistan in 1993
  • Attended Seminar“Mir Anees”, Doha, Qatar, presented Dissertation on “Aqleem-e- Sukhan 
  • of Mir Anees” in 1996
  • Attended Seminar on “Mirza Ghalib”,
  • Tashkent, presented Dissertation in 1998
  • Attended Seminar on “Faiz Ahmed Faiz”,
  • Singapore, presented Dissertation in 1999.